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I am floff

2013-03-23 01:51:52 by DoctorWho

That is all

Pokemon Attacks + "in my pants"

2013-03-14 03:54:19 by DoctorWho

Mega Kick in my pants.

Horn Attack in my pants.

Whirlwind in my pants.

Horn Drill in my pants.

Pin Missile in my pants.

Sonic Boom in my pants.

Water Gun in my pants.

Peck in my pants.

Growth in my pants.

String Shot in my pants.

Earthquake in my pants.

Harden in my pants.

Bubble Blast in my pants.

Confuse Ray in my pants.

Bone Club in my pants.

Waterfall in my pants.

Spike Cannon in my pants.

Explosion in my pants.

Bonemerang in my pants.

Powder Snow in my pants.

Scary Face in my pants.

Sludge Bomb in my pants.

Octazooka in my pants.

Spikes in my pants.

Zap Cannon in my pants.

Bone Rush in my pants.

Milk Drink in my pants.

Frustration in my pants.

Sweet Scent in my pants.

Metal Claw in my pants.

Hidden Power in my pants.

Rain Dance in my pants.

Helping Hand in my pants.

Eruption in my pants.

Snatch in my pants.

Arm Thrust in my pants.

Needle Arm in my pants.

Hydro Cannon in my pants.

Tickle in my pants.

Water Spout in my pants.

Bullet Seed in my pants.

Punishment in my pants.

Discharge in my pants.

Gunk Shot in my pants.

Iron Head in my pants.

Secret Sword in my pants.

Squidbit: Out is a shitty place
MyChmicalRmance: indeed it is
MyChmicalRmance: graphics are okay, but the plot sucks
Squidbit: And none of the characters are very likable
MyChmicalRmance: yeah
Squidbit: Plus how do you even win
Squidbit: What's the goal?
Squidbit: I just don't get it
MyChmicalRmance: i know, its like you work hard to get so many septims, and get so many achievements and upgrade, and then in the end your character just up and dies, like wtf is that?
Squidbit: Worst ending ever
Squidbit: And everyone is always arguing about how to get to the Easter egg after the credits
MyChmicalRmance: yeah wtf
MyChmicalRmance: and no one can tell us cuse the game resets
MyChmicalRmance: and you just start over
Squidbit: The rules are hard to understand too
MyChmicalRmance: yeah, there's no manual, and the tutorial is shitty
Squidbit: Your starting race is so hard to pick cause it's like all of them just get a bunch of debuffs
MyChmicalRmance: and it takes forever to level up, the skills never seem to level up at the same time
Squidbit: the customization is good but then you get attacked for some of the options?
MyChmicalRmance: yeah, and the items are way too expensive, so it takes until like level 60 to be able to buy anything cool
Squidbit: It's like they just made up the rules as they went along
Squidbit: Half of the expensive stuff turns out to be useless
MyChmicalRmance: i think so, i think the admins changed a bunch of shit and didn't tell anyone, so now people get busted for lame shit like having green plant in the wrong province
Squidbit: And the mods are assholes
Squidbit: They just go around banning people for stupid shit
Squidbit: The whole community is awful really
Squidbit: It's like why can't you just chill out and let other people play how they want
MyChmicalRmance: yeah, they're always hacking to make their character higher level
Squidbit: There's no goal, who decided which way was the right way to play?
MyChmicalRmance: probably the faggot who wrote it, always being a dick and changing the rules. i don't even know why players revere him, he's an asshole!


2012-07-14 01:56:18 by DoctorWho


1. Thou shalt freshest thineself up before sex, lest ye want to haveth an experience thou wishest to forget.
2. Thou shalt cover thy penis before entry.
3. Thou shalt not forcibly enter.
4. Thou shalt not stick it in my ass.
5. Thou shalt not pull hair too hard.
6. Thou shalt not fart during intercourse.
7. Thou shalt not finish in less than 10 minutes.
8. Thou shalt not cum first, unless you are a woman.
9. Thou shalt not cum in my eye or in my hair.
10. Thou shalt vary thy position often.

Contributions made by JeremyLokken, BrazilianNinja, and me.


2012-06-17 20:56:55 by DoctorWho




2012-06-14 00:28:19 by DoctorWho

This is me. Ya.


Go here.

2011-08-17 20:40:35 by DoctorWho

Newgrounds IRC Chat. :D


2011-07-16 02:46:40 by DoctorWho

Zombie stripper I drew. Enjoy.


Random news post time, yes?

2011-07-10 23:51:07 by DoctorWho

I just wanna say...apples. Yes. And snails. MANY MANY SNAILS. And they all go to Valjylmyr, who I'm dating. I love him. <3 :3


2011-06-29 00:01:56 by DoctorWho

Fish warriors! floffmonster and Valjylmyr!